To ensure maximum uptime, you have to proactively monitor your systems around the clock to detect any anomalies that might indicate an imminent problem.
You also have to do routine upgrades, system tweaking and maintenance.

The owners of small to medium enterprises have to pay heavy charges to the Server administrator for jobs like installing, upgrading any application / package.
Unavailability of such an administrator when required is a common scenario.

We provide remote administration services for:

  • Linux / Unix Servers
  • Windows Servers
  • Database Servers

Installation, configuration and implementation of Linux Remote server administration tools / services:

  • Firewalls: iptables, ipwf, pf
  • DNS
  • Web servers: Nginx, Apache, IIS
  • Database Servers: Mysql, MsSQL, Postgres, Redis, MongoDB, ...
  • DHCP service
  • PPP, VPN, OpenVpn, IPSEC
  • Hardware and software RAIDs
  • LDAP service
  • POP3, IMAP Servers: Cyrus, Postfix, Exim, Dovecot
  • Backup and Recovery services
  • Replication Services
  • HighLoad and BigData
  • Cisco IOS configuration
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